Wednesday, August 27, 2008


remember Aralyn? well, i'm happily on her mailing list of super fun stuff...this week i receive an invite to experience NIA, Tango or acting fun is she? i opted for the NIA class. i've done it once before, and thoroughly enjoyed it. i've been wanting to add some exercise into my life and this kind comes with so much more.

today, after i dropped of Mia at Casa T, i got a haircut, had a quick bite at WF and hoped over to Congress and 9th to Aralyn's her sweet pig, Ara, before walking in to her funky cool home. when Aralyn saw me, her face lit up and told everyone, 'this is Tanya! she's fun....she drums'. what a super fab intro. then we NIA'd. Julie was an amazingly positive and joyful instructor. we focused on our spines...i even got to wag & drag my tail (the one that would be there if i had a long tail. i LOVE that she said to shake it...feathered or furry...what OPTIONS! ) on the ground, dance and sweat and we closed by focusing on our chakras. wednesday's from 12-1pm, at Aralyn's, is where i'll be. it was everything i needed and so much more.

to finish up my day gone wild, i stopped by my honey's office for a quick kiss & a plastic spoon (my fine dark chocolate bar had melted in this Austin i ate it with a spoon) before i spent 1 1/2 hours at Half Price Books...then off to pick up my happy happy happy child from Casa T.

i heart wednesdays

it's my cycle...i can cry if i want to

exactly 28 days ago this is what was going on, and it's that time of the month to revisit those feeling. instead of crying on my friends kitchen floor, this time I broke down in the middle of drum class. i was having a hard time with a new rhythm, i felt like my voice was not being heard ...add frustration and embarrassment to the mix and you get a beautiful little break down. i felt so much better once i escaped (20 min into the class) and was driving on the highway towards home.

i know this is cyclical. i've been taking great care of myself (friends and their kids came over to play, received an amazing Thai massage, had a cleaning lady in, taking my omega 3's and having a bit of chocolate when needed...super dark chocolate actually helps a great deal) and taking it easy. i have not snapped at Mia and the only harsh thing i've said to my loving and understanding husband was, in a very firm voice, 'i NEED you to get out of the kitchen'. i had planned to make a medium egg, but he preferred scrambled...wayyyy too much to deal with :) while i'm 'in it', i'm aware that i'm overreacting and that it's all hormonal, but it's real to me. i do try to keep myself in check, while still being gentle with myself, and do make sincere amends.

everyone dreads the visit by Aunt Flo, but i welcome her with open arms....she so generously brings with her total relief.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Nuad Bo'Rarn

Sara did this to me and it was amazing!
i'm having a hard time finding words to explain the process or express how fabulous it felt...still feels. i was stretched, pulled and pushed in all sorts of interesting positions. sometimes it was like a game, trying to figure out if it was her hand, elbow or foot that was pressing against (insert major or minor muscle of choice here). it was beyond relaxing and not at all painful. the stretches were deep and warm...just right. the best part about getting the right leg done was that i had a left :) this is now my massage of choice, and lovely Sara is my therapist :) i feel like i'm not doing Sara or her work justice. i'm at a loss for words.

Update: it's the next day, and i'm seriously still feeling the super effects of the massage. my muscles and joints still feel soreness or aches....quiet the opposite. i'm sitting up straighter and my body just feels like a well oiled machine. i was just able to notice how weird my typing posture was and was able to relax. hmmmm there just may be something to this Thai massage stuff ;)
this just may be something i need in my arsenal against PMDD.
Sara, i LOVE you...and your feet, elbows, hands....and KNEES!!!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

and the rest of the birthday

let's just wrap it all up and finish with the tales from my birthday. after my lovely birthday brunch with friends, flowers, chocolate and dinner from Daryl, I thought my beautiful birthday was finished. but nooooooo.....

apparently Daryl and Andrea had been in cahoots for weeks...along with everyone that came to my Super Duper Surprise Birthday Bash! while i was innocently drumming with friends, there was a party going down at our house. the problem with it being a surprise was that i didn't know about it. so, if i didn't know about it, how could i be expected to be there on time? i was an hour late! i was so floored when i walked in and saw our entire home filled with family and friends, that i just shut the door until i was composed enough to try again...that happened three times. finally into my party and was just bamboozled by who was there. many who i'd seen that very day! i did underestimate their sneakiness!!! and it was AWESOME!!!!

Bonnie took some super fab shots, and here are some of my faves:

i took these last two shots.
my cake... Mia (2 1/2 yrs old) and Andrea (34 yrs old) couldn't wait till i blew out my candles :)

Mia does love her cake
thank you! it was a birthday to remember!

Monday, August 18, 2008

beyond drumming, fun & color

last friday, i had a super bad ass time with Lynn...the previous owner of my new drum. we met up to carpool to Aralyn's place downtown...first off, i was late. VERY late. FYI Jollyville and Old Jollyville are NOT the same road. Lyn was cool as a cucumber about it, helped me load up my djembe and we were off to drum. on the drive she told me a little about Aralyn, our hostess. she lives one block south of the capitol on congress, she has a metal spider over her door and owns a pot belly pig (Ara, named after Aralyn's mother) she won in a silent auction! Cathy, another Djembabe, ran the class and Lynn helped out on duns. it was fun and exhilarating. wine was poured and clothes were almost taken off...Aralyn. i don't know what i enjoyed more, the drumming, Aralyn or her home. she and her place are quite colorful...i even took pictures of her bathroom!

Meet Ara

she's a super fab doorstop/watch pig (Lynn trying to get passed her)

Aralyn is a real estate agent and name a few

there are actual live fish swimming in this toilet

fish in a bag with herbs n lemon!...hanging from her shower head

doesn't everyone have a chandelier like this in their bathroom?

after drumming (the acoustics in this room were AWESOME!)
top are Lynn's duns, then some djembes...mine is at the lower right

Aralyn hosts a monthly drum happy hour from 5-7...if you're interested :)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

manga me, too

Mel did it, and i wanted to try it too.
does it look like me?

to create your own, go HERE
if you do, feel free to come back here an post it on my comments :)

Sunday, August 10, 2008


last night, Bonnie, hosted a MNO. the last time it was silly time at Bonnie's Boozing Booth. this one was a glamorama! Andrea's cousin, Javier, was in town...he's a fabulous make-up artist. he so very generously spent his entire evening making us over. i heart Javier! Bonnie worked her ass off and pretty much gave each 8 of us our own private photo shoot. to see her little tease (bad girl, Bonnie! always leaving us wanting more) click here.

while trying out one of Bonnie's lenses, i shot these behind the scenes shots. Bonnie, i think you'll be proud...i spent some extra time processing :) love you!

i couldn't resist Sam

i love Bonnie

Bonnie's Josh (he makes the BEST freakin queso!)

Javier el Guapisimo!

the following 4 shots of me were taken by Andrea (Thank you, Mamita)