Thursday, July 31, 2008

mi tia

i got my period yesterday! i know we're 'not preventing', but i was pretty happy to get it, cuz it means feeling normal is right around the corner. it's like along with the yucky stuff, it releases all my sadness, irrationality, rage, major insecurities, lethargy, conspiracy theories, and my just plain sour mood.

so, while i'm not knocked up, i did my hair today...that says something :)

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

sad vs. happy

for the last weekish, i've been feeling blue. not up to much. not returning phone calls. in my cave. pretty sure it's hormonal. the pmdd monster was at my door last week. this week, he's sitting on my sofa. this morning, i cried at a playdate. who the hell cries at a freakin playdate? it was a super fab one at that...faux camp out..with a tent and everything...grilled hot dogs and smores made with the love of the sun. i was sitting on my friends kitchen floor. crying.

i just found out that my scarab tat symbolizes good luck and happiness. hellooooo i have happiness tattooed to my BODY!!!! my dear friends were so compassionate, and Mia is so lovely and easy today. my husband is super sweet and will shift his pool night, if needed so i can go to drum class. my food consumption today included smores, hot dogs, watermelon and a corn dog. oh, try explaining what a corn dog is to a 2 1/2 year old...that'll make ya smile. 'but that is NOT corn, mama'.

what's that i've had a freakin rough summer so far, and i haven't cried. at all. i've even TRIED to cry. nothing. until i'm sitting on the kitchen floor of a playdate. for a silly reason. i cried. i wanted to let it loose and bawl like a baby...but i'll save that for my husband. for some reason he likes when i cry....he says i always feel better, he feels like he can actually comforting, and my eyes turn a gorgeous shade of bright blue :) so, the lil waterworks at the playdate this morning did in fact release a lot of crap...

i feel better....kind of happy :)

Thursday, July 24, 2008

happy birthday O'Mamas

a year ago, a feisty mama (Andrea H), wasn't satisfied with any mother's groups she'd encountered so far, created her own haven for mothers who don't quite mother like most. The Other Mothers Meetup group was born. i'm so proud to be included in such a warm, crazy ass, loving, silly, supportive, informative, fabulous group of women who call themselves the O'Mamas. they've picked me up when i've been down, shared in my joys and everything in between. i could go on and on and on and on....

monday was the First Annual O'Mamaversary. our magic decor theme was based on
Magic Powder...for the inside scoop check out Mel's blog. super designer, and O'Mama, Sharon designed an O'Mama version of the packaging.

ok. this is NOT about MP. back to the celebration. we laughed, we cried (ok, maybe just me), and we DRANK! there were a couple of games...Steph's necklace game (i sucked) & guess who 's who from our baby pics game (i put that game together, therefor ineligible to win...i knew all the answers). there were awards...i actually won a few...

  • Most Likely To 'Shout' At Ten Mamas In a Day (giving a shout out is a good thing...i like to show the love)

  • Most Likely To Give You A Big Hug At Every Playdate (more showing of the love)

  • Most Likely To Post Pictures Of A Playdate (an award i most happily share with Andrea T)

  • Most Likely To Let Their Kid Run Free At Playdates (happily share this with Mel, who lets her little G freeball quite often. i dig this award the shows what i strive for as a mama. letting Mia learn about the world through, i'm always taking shots of other kids...see award 3)

our new O'Mama logo was unveiled...designed by super designer Sharon. everyone LOVED it. (this is the part where i cried..oh, i almost cried here)

Photographer extraordinaire, Bonnie, posted 55 shots from the are a few of my faves.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

that damned swiper

sometimes you do what ya gotta do....

last weekend, while Mia was at her Nana & Pawpaw's house for a couple of days, Daryl and I took her crib down. she still had her 'big girl' bed. well, when she walked into her room, she looked around with big eyes and said 'my CRIB?!' now, keep in mind that Daryl and i had been preparing her with talks and stuff, and also told her on the way home that her crib was gone and that she'll get to sleep in her BGB.

(Jump forward to the scene in her room) she looked at me with these HUGE eyes with an almost accusing tone...i couldn't stand to be the object of her scorn, so i simply told her that Swiper swiped it. she took a second and then said 'ohhh MAN!'. i'm going to hell. i'm aware.

since then, she has NOT taken to her BGB as planned. we pulled out her crib mattress, put it in the corner, and that's been her nightly choice. she's been sleeping well...sometimes she rolls off, but she keeps on sleeping.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


last friday night, our drumming fun loving instructor* invited her students and their significant others to her home for dinner, drinks and music...there was also a little bit of dancing at the end of Fanga. Daryl and Mae (my sis) came to hang out and watch me play the djembe with my beautiful friends. having them there really added to the excitement and made it a real performance :)

lighting was poor, but the energy & love that night was brilliant

Here's some poorly lit, highly distorted video of a warm up then parts of Fanga...that song went on for 22 minutes, then the camera ran out of space!

*out of respect for my drum instructor's privacy, I've ommited her name...but feel free to email or ask me for info...she's FABULOUS!!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

i wanna have sex with you, but...

...i'm hoping for a boy.

so, we're gonna have to wait till tomorrow night, k?

my fab friend, Andrea, sent me a checklist for conceiving a boy. the highlights of the list are:

*have sex no earlier than 12 hours after ovulation. (girl sperm hang out and linger, boys are strong and fast)

*doggie, baby! (deposits the sperm super close to the cervix)

*the big O (having an orgasm after him will help his guys move on up)

one thing about having
pcos, is that i usually have VERY painful ovulation. i ovulated today (thanks for the ibuprofen, Sara) from the right ovary. yes, this is NOT a made up thang. i can actually feel (often very acutely) when i ovulate.

tonight, we're gonna have to mess around, but i ain't messin' around with this baby stuff. i'm going by the list...what could it hurt? if we do get a girl out of this, i sure in hell am not going to name her Andrea! :)

Bonnie's Boozing Booth

the gals and i hit Bonnie's for some drankin' and picture takin'....Bonnie's Boozing Booth was created. we had a blast and Bonnie to some super fab shots...these are my faves....i'm in them of course! if you just NEED more, click on over to Bonnie's Blog

by lazygirl.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Happy Birthday JW!

One my good pals, JW, had herself a birthday on Friday! JW, Sara and I helped her celebrate at Chuy's last week. All the kiddos helped, too. Especially JW's L & T, who helped her eat up all her bday ice cream.
Happy Birthday, Babe!

*the lighting was I didn't get any good shots of the birthday girl...but here are some of the celebration

L huggin her mama
T lookin cute
Mia buried her spoon in the beans
cool ceiling at Chuy's
O was ready for a pic

Some of my fav shots of JW:

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

the new thought

i found this photo and thought 'fuck! i have to dust, too?!?!?!'

nahhhh dusting is the least of my priorities. my sis will be in town tomorrow and i MUST get clean sheets on her bed. Mae was supposed to be here tonight, but got a late start. yay! more time for me to procrastinate. actually, i've been doing pretty well at all this cleaning stuff. ALL our laundry is clean...except for what we're wearing, and while Daryl and i tossed the nudist idea back and forth, we ultimately decided against.

pal o' mine Jenni came over today to watch Mia while i went to the salon for my appt with my stylist (love how that sounds). i'm part of the babysitter exchange thang, and scored Jenni and her cool kids to keep Mia in line. anywayyyyy Jenni got a smidge pissed that i cleaned for her.

it's now rude to clean for friends. the new thought on cleaning and friendly visits is 'if you were truly comfy around me, you wouldn't feel the need to clean up for my visit' and 'if you were truly comfy around me, you wouldn't judge me for my lack of housekeeping prowess'. so, to clean or not to clean...i don't want to seem rude....but i am trying to train my non-cleaning self. so, the timid little answer i gave Jenni was 'but i didn't sweep, mop or vacuum' :)
a side note - i'm feeling better with a slightly cleaner home, Daryl has noticed and given me props...he's even helping!

Monday, July 7, 2008

clean that shit up

oh so hard to clean up my act. i do not clean. people think i clean, because i host MNI's and playdates, but i've fooled them all! i do not clean. what's funny is that i HATE a dirty house. why can't someone just come over every day and clean my house?...for free?

i've noticed that i, my husband, child...hell, even the dog live more in happy harmony when things are on the tidy side. so, knowing myself, and that i have to be trained...i'm doing a little everyday. then i want some sort of list or chart of daily chores for myself, Daryl and even Mia. she already picks up after herself...with supervision, clears her part after meals, and helps unload the dishwasher....oh, yeah, she LOVES helping me sort and turn the laundry. there's something very wrong if my 2 1/2 year old child cleans better/more than i do!

Mia is another huge reason i want to finally get this cleaning business under control. i want her to have a sense of pride of a job well done.

in the past few days i've:
organized Mia's toys in the living room and playroom...with Mia's help
cleaned Lola's fish bowl - HUGE feat
cleaned the half bath
organized Mia's room...again, with Mia's help
pretty much kept up with the dishes and almost kept up with the laundry

i'm proud of myself. job well done.

Friday, July 4, 2008

we're not preventing

the word 'trying' feels weird to me. so, Daryl and I have decided to stop trying to prevent a pregnancy in hopes of scoring another kid :)

with our miscarriage in the spring, i've been asked if we'd go 'public' with our plans or keep thangs to ourselves 'just in case'. well, we obviously want to share this experience with our loved ones, and i don't believe in jinxing the pregnancy. plus, if anything does go wrong, we'll need the support of family and friends.

we visited with Kiwe and Tom yesterday. they have a 6 1/2 month old Baby Mia, and our Mia was so freakin cool with her. it made me smile....and then when she asks for a baby heart melts.