Thursday, February 28, 2008


how can you NOT smile at this child?

earlier, i was at the grocery store with Mia in the seat of the cart. she's a pretty friendly girl, sometimes a little shy...aren't we all? for some reason sitting high up in a cart gives her a lot of courage. she shows it by cheerfully saying 'hi' to strangers.
as we were checking out, i was putting our stuff on the conveyor belt, Mia was facing away when a mom and a little girl of about 4 got in line behind us. Mia excitedly waved and said 'hi'. both mother and daughter just looked at Mia with blank looks on their faces. Mia said 'hi' again. nothing. they didn't budge. WTF?!?! would it fucking KILL you to say hi to my kid?!?!
the 4 year old girl is one thing, she may be shy herself, but the MOM!!!! now, you moms out there, and readers in general, if a kid says 'hi' to you, don't you say 'hi' back? am i bizarre by thinking that children and their feelings are RELEVANT? like i said, the kid is one thing, but that MOTHER...a fellow mother with a daughter, who must have been in this situation before, did nothing except ignore my sweet charming daughter! SHAME SHAME ON YOU!
on to what i did about it.... in hindsight, i wish i would have said something stronger, but i gently, but loud enough for the to offenders to hear very clearly, said 'don't worry Mia, it's not you. some people are rude and don't say hi.' then i proceeded to check out where the checker and bag person BOTH said hi to Mia....and they sounded genuine about it. Mia smiled her big smile and said hi back. SEE! that's how it's done, and it wasn't that hard, now was it?

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

O'Mamas, boobs, pancakes....and jello shots!

O'Mama Asst Organizer (and amiga) Andrea T

O' Mama MNO at Kerbey Lane tonight. i was totally exhausted this afternoon & evening and had decided not to go. when Daryl got home, he looked into my eyes and very gently said 'honey, I know you're tired, but you always have fun when you get out with your mama friends. Go. You'll have fun and forget your tired.' that's just the push i needed. after dinner, while Daryl & Mia were playing on the bed, i got ready to go.

i'm so very glad i went. i get rejuvenated when i hang with my friends. everyone was in a fabulous mood, talking, hugging, sharing...some drinking. i had 2 cherry cokes! i'll just high off sugar & caffeine. this really is an amazing group of women. no judgements, just support and love.

a few of us closed the bar down. oh, we had the whole bar to ourselves...door shut. we got as loud as we wanted. Stephanie, Juliet, Belinda, Melanie and I stayed for breakfast. they have the most wonderful migas and the yummiest blueberry pancakes i've had in a while. and i'm picky.

oh oh oh! i almost forgot. tonight Stephanie had her very FIRST jello shot! we're so proud. we tried to get her to down a yager bomb, but she was strong and didn't succumb to peer pressure.

O'Mamas ROCK!!

newish O'Mama Kiwe & her lil nursling, Mia O'Mama Melanie's boobage...don't worry, she got mine! there's ALWAYS a pic of some O'Mamas boobs at almost every MNO event

Sunday, February 24, 2008

the netherlands

game night at Stephanie's was awesome!

the game:
Catch Phrase

the players:
Stephanie & Michael
Bonnie & Josh
Tanya (that's me)& Daryl

girls vs. boys

girls - 1
boys - 2 (how in HELL did THAT happen?!?!)

we started off strong, then something happened. there was a shift in the universe. well, i didn't know that The Netherlands was an actual country. i assumed that it was a region....Stephanie didn't know it either! then the girls couldn't guess 'carrot sticks'! they got the carrot part, but it went downhill fast when i was describing a stick.

there was much laughter and snorting (by Bonnie). everyone had a fabulous time. oh, here's one of the highlights (for me).

me: (me to Daryl) 'Daddy, could you get me a cookie?'
Bonnie: 'did you just call him DADDY?'
me: 'uh huh' (walking to the bathroom)
Bonnie: 'Floyd would love that!'
me: (while in the bathroom, wondering who the hell Floyd was, and why should a friend of Bonnie's care what I call my husband?!?!)
me: (back on the sofa...turn to Bonnie) 'Who's Floyd'
Bonnie: (trying to stifle a laugh/snort) Freud!!!

laughter breaks out...for a while :)
good times!

Pretty Stephanie Rockin' Bonnie
my hottie
Stephanie's Michael
Bonnie & her Josh...I never did get a good shot of him, but there were some amazingly horrible ones!

Friday, February 22, 2008

encroachment, bowling, belly rub, tequila

Boo isn't even a fetus yet, and is already cramping my style. our first obgyn appt is on the same day that the O'Mamas & kiddos are going bowling. we had such a blast last time. i'm serioulsy thinking about rescheduling the doc appt, but there's always bowling. maybe i'll just ask some friends if they want to go later.

you know, i'm already rubbing my belly...with far of thoughts of what lil Boo will feel like, sound like, look like.

liquid prenatal vitamins are very similar to tequila. they're horrible going down, but it's the effect you're really after. instead of a lime, i chase my vitamins down with a strawberry or two.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

what's the word?

that seems to be my FAQ. i've lost my words, and my ability to multi-task, so everything takes at least twice as long. i'm just plain spacey.

today, i hurt. my back hurt. my shoulder hurt. dr harry to the rescue. i've been adjusted and told to ditch my shoulder bag for a back pack. in the past week, i've changed so much...i've added my coromegas, prenatal liquid vitamins, exercised every day, done my stretches. this afternoon all i wanted to do was cry. i haven't yet. i'm waiting till Daryl comes home (he's working late. sob) and Mia's asleep, so i can fall apart properly.

i'm just pregnant. nothing's wrong. no tragedies. no injuries. just pregnant. i thought if i followed all the directions, that i wouldn't have such mood swings. laugh. BIG LAUGH!

oh, the one word i can easily conjure from my brain is 'fuck'. that's a good word.

hi chai!

don't cha worry. it was the soy milk. yay for bad soy milk!
off to enjoy the most delicious chai in the world........

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

bye chai?

please! say it isn't so!!! my new food aversion seems to be my CHAI !!!!

this morning, i sat down to enjoy my warm chai latte, and it turned my stomach. you don't understand, when i tell Daryl i love him, i tell him i love him more than my chai....that's a LOTTA LOVE!

my chai comforts me, it starts my day, it sooths my hangovers, makes me happy when skies are blue... i just CAN'T go through the rest of my pregnancy without my chai! thai food is one thing, but chai? no freakin way!
i'm going to try again tomorrow. let's hope it was just bad milk. you know i'm desperate when i hope for bad milk!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

cry baby cry

things that normally wouldn't make me cry, but now thanks to Boo, do....Boo do...that rhymes :)
i love the voodoo that Boo do..

here's my list:

Mariah Carey's song Hero ~ i randomly heard it in the car

Grey's Anatomy ~ any episode, almost every scene

the 'there's a little wheel turnin' in my heart' song on the Music Together Flutes cd ~ seriously, i can't hear it with out freakin' bawling

when i'm laying in bed before falling asleep, thinking of my day with Mia and feeling bad because i could have done more, been there more....for her

there's sooooo many more, i just can't remember right now. I cry about once a day, twice if i'm lucky

Saturday, February 16, 2008


Christina Aguilera rockin' her pregnant body!
Pregnancy & Your Sex Drive
Good News: There's a good chance you'll find sex even more pleasurable than you did before pregnancy. Increased blood flow to your pelvis during this time can mean greater sensitivity and enjoyment. You may even experience multiple orgasms -- many women experience them for the first time during pregnancy. Hormonal changes can make your breasts more sensitive to his loving touch.

Bad News: For others, nausea and fatigue -- especially during the first trimester -- make sex less appealing. And during the third trimester, some women feel so uncomfortable with their bigger bellies and other pregnancy woes that they don't desire sex.

um, i got the GOOD news!

4 chongos

hair: by my daughter
cleavage shot: by my husband

Friday, February 15, 2008

all i needed was love

a fab pic of us from New Year's Eve

once my husband came home, the weight of the world was lifted off my shoulders. I sunk into a delicious hug and stayed there...eyes closed, tears welling up...for a few minutes. Then he just looked into my eyes and said everything would be ok. and it was. Later, while snuggling in bed, he said we were made to make babies and have a family.... his way of saying that all these pregnancy hormones were normal and he'd be there for me. i heart him.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

valentine's day?

the following can be found (if you're an o'mama) on the o'mama message board:

I was having major problems with my Outlook, so I called Daryl for tech support (this was our first conversation of the day...he left while I was still asleep), and was frustrated by a couple of other things...'ugh, it won't work! WHY won't it work? SUCKS!!!' he replied, 'Happy Valentine's Day, Honey...I love you and get this working right now' his sweet voice.

I'm an ASS a Valentine's ASS!

**i woke up on the WRONG side of the bed this morning. it's really shaken me b/c it doesn't happen very often. i'm surly, highly irritable, totally grouchy, huffy, resentful...pretty much in a bad mood.

if Daryl were here, he'd let me have a 'do over' and start the day again. i miss hims so. he's only at work, and will be home soon, but i'm in dire need of one of his hugs.

it doesn't FEEL like valentine's day to me. maybe i can nap it off.....and when i wake up, my beloved will be home ready to give me a hug.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

pregnancy bloat

bloat /bloʊt/ –verb (used with object)
1. to expand or distend, as with air, water, etc.; cause to swell

this HAS to be the least attractive pregnancy symptom. i'm so bloated that i already look at least 6 months preggers. i had to buy some maternity pants b/c my jeans were just cutting into me, not fun when added to morning sickness.

here are a couple of pregnancy pics. the first (in black & pink) was when i was 9 months pregnant with Mia. the second (in blue) i took 5 min ago...4 weeks preggers.

notice my lovely belly cast, from our first pregnancy, in the background. in order for that to have worked, Daryl had to rub me down with of the perks for him....and me :)

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

i didn't know i'd love like this

i was just responding to a friends email, and thought a piece of that would go well here:

One thing about this whole pregnancy thing is the emotional rollercoaster. I couldn't sleep, so I went into Mia's room. She was sound asleep, but I gently picked her up anyway, and sat on the rocking chair and just rocked my sleeping baby...tears running down my face. I didn't know I'd love like this, and sometimes it's too much.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

nails, sickness & poker

somehow i did fall asleep, and sleep soundly till 10am. i hooked up with my fav gal at Elite Nails and got a relaxing pedi and rockin' mani. as this trip was a xmas gift from Daryl, i had fun and received not your standard polish.

i was back from pampering in time to grab Daryl and head off towards the Alamo Drafthouse for a late lunch and matinee. we attempted to see There Will Be Blood. i swear i could smell the fumes from the oil, and the fall and broken bone scene turned my stomach.

MY morning sickness happens between 3 & 7pm. my sweet and understanding husband took my hand and asked if i wanted to leave. our server was more than understanding. while Daryl settled up, i went outside for some fresh air. he came out with our uneaten food wrapped up and two movie passes then brought the car around for me. i love him. he takes such wonderful care of me and our babies.

just as we got home, my nausea subsided long enough to scarf down my philly cheesesteak and fries....up to a point. i was fine, then all of a sudden the bite that was in my mouth HAD to be gone! now! i spit it up into the trash and moaned on the sofa under a quilt until it was time for poker.

en route to poker

i love poker with the guys. it was at Vinny's (everyone should have a pal named Vinny) this time, and the table was full of guys ready and willing to give me all their money. Daryl and I lasted about 3 1/2 hours, then we were out. i held my own for a good long time, then tired and pretty much gave up. Daryl, taking full advantage of having a designated driver, (i wouldn't have it any other way) drank a lot. he's such a freakin' cute drunk!

I'm still up

itchy red eyes
exhausted body
active brain

off to try again...i'll count from 100 backwards. that used to help when i was a kid eludes me

This is the second night were I'm up passed 1am. I can't get comfy, my feet are too cold, Daryl is breathing too loudly... I won't have Mia in the a.m., but I have stuff to do! I plan on getting a 2-hr massage and a then a mani-pedi. How can a girl do all that when she's dog tired....actually even Niles (our dog) is sleeping!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Fish Ass

After Mia's nap, we piled into the car and drove southward to meet up with her Nana at Target on Mopac & 71. The snapper was going to spend the weekend with her Nana, PawPaw and Memaw. Yay!

Oh, we're 4 weeks pregnant with our second kid. We don't have a nickname yet. I'll keep ya posted.

So, driving. In traffic. With fumes. On an empty stomach. Needless to say when we arrived I was a little squeezy. After hugs and love, we made the exchange, and I went in to Target to buy some comfier pants. ALREADY my jeans are tight in the waist. It's the first trimester BLOAT. I don't look pregnant, but I do look like I have a nice beer belly going. SEXY :)

I bought a couple pairs of preggo pants, Fig Newmans, boxes of Chai.....

Then I hopped back in the car and undid my pants. Ahhhh to breath comfortably again. Then it hit me...


The Newtons were safe in the trunk, so I was on the prowl for something quick and greasy. I drove around and found Madam Mam's!!! Mmmmmmm I ordered an order of Madam rolls and some shrimp pad thai, paid and waited in the car for 15 min.

SCORE!!!! I scarffed down the rolls and started to dig into the pad thai. Then it HIT me! The stench! I swear it was as bad as the Bog of Eternal Stench. Just as Ludo was, I was frightened and repulsed at the same time. It was the pad thai! It smelled like, like, like fish!....and ASS!!! It smelled like FISHASS!!!!!

Guess where I was right at that moment. Smack in the middle of rush hour traffic on Mopac! I made a quick move, and exited. Thew the offending food in the first bin I could find.

Problem. I was still hungry. I drove around and found a Quiznos. Let me tell you something about Quiznos. I've NEVER eaten there. NEVER. I don't know why, just haven't.

I walked in and the stoner guy behind the counter asked if I was ok. I told him I was pregnant, queezy and had almost eaten something that smelled like fish ass! He WAS horrified, but very open to helping a mama out. I told him that I'd never been there before and didn't know how it all 'worked'. He smiled and said he knew...and would I like to go from the 'pick-up' area to the 'order' area? *Blush* I was a Quizno's newbie. I almost fell apart when I looked at the menu. It was sooooo vast. I was hungry.

He took care of me with a turkey and guacamole sandwich. They TOAST them. Did you know that?!?! I'm a convert. He said it would be easy only my belly, and stiffled a laughed when I picked up a bag of BBQ chips and a cookie. What? I was HUNGRY!

So, to recap:

Pregnancy Bloat - bad
Preggo pants - good
pregnancy hunger - bad
Fish Ass Shrimp Pad Thai whilst pregnant - BAD
quiznos and stoner guys - GOOD

Welcome to my new blog....

...this blog is about ME.

While it may contain stuff about my husband, our first kid (the snapper) or other non-ME items, this is not a kiddy blog. I may swear like a sailer, burp, bitch,'s MY blog and I'm going to do anything I want with it.