Friday, December 26, 2008

breakfast for dinner

to break up the pre-holiday crazy, a few O'Mamas got together one evening this week at Kerbey Lane for some chat, breakfast and whipped cream topped coffee...and beer. always a wonderful break hanging with my ladies....almost as wonderful as a butter smothered blueberry pancake stabbed with a fork to let all the syrup in...i AM pregnant, remember. actually, that's how i always eat my pancakes, and only the middles. i never eat the edges.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

i miss

i miss my beer.

holidays are hard.

i just wanna hang with friends and drink beer.

lots and lots of beer.

dos equis in the green bottle. no glass. no lime. thanks.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

from a potato

to an orange?

'You are now 19 weeks pregnant -- almost halfway there! Nineteen weeks into your pregnancy,your baby is about 5.2 to 6 inches long and weighs about 7 ounces (about the weight of an average orange).'

these sites aren't reliable. i guess i may need to stick to one that's comparing my unborn child to food...i'm irritable enough without these inconsistencies.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


i wonder why all the analogies of the size of my unborn child are of food. first a grain of rice, then a Lima bean, we jumped to a medium shrimp (now nicknamed Trimp by Mia), and now we have a medium baked potato.

they wonder why we eat so much...i'd LOVE a baked potato right now! LOADED!

Sunday, November 16, 2008


no. not my heart. my most favorite lens ever! we were out at sea world and mia wanted to see the roller coasters close up and personal. daryl found a perfect place. i went to sit down and my camera strap slid around and my camera hit the curb...yes, i'd chosen a curb to sit on...i was tired....well, the lens hit the curb and it kind of broke in half in a way that actually gives me hope that it can be repaired. it's not a super expensive lens, but it's dear to my heart. i made a quick call to my photography guru, Bonnie (who i actually bought the lens from), but no answer. oh, well. i'll take it in tomorrow and hope for the best. i'm glad it happened towards the end of the day, but still. it hurts.

where DID it go?!?!

i was just minding my own business...eating a delish potato and egg breakfast taco, when i reached for it...needing another bite, and it was GONE!!!! how can i finish food and not even know it? i was reading blogs and stuff....then no taco! as usual, i should savor my food. i just want one more bite...please :)

i fondue

mama pal, Kiwe hosted a rocking fondue and bingo night last week. it was could it not be with pots of melted yummy cheese and decadent chocolate?!?! i made a salad inspired by the salad i usually ate back in the days of the o'mama ladies nights at the Melting Pot. i must admit that it was fabulously tasty. it was an awesome night of fun chat, silliness and serious bingo playing. Kiwe won twice....there was talk of her rigging the bingo ball basket ;p

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

happy birthday, Leah Ann

last week we got together and celebrated dear Leah Ann's birthday. we had such a freakin BLAST! She's such a great sport that she sang karaoke (thanks to Jennifer, who brought her machine over) and wore a party hat (Mia saw the pic and was very delighted)! everyone ate drank and was merry. divided into teams, we battled it out with Catch Phrase and the losers (Courtney, Melissa, Andrea and Anja) were forced to karaoke! Anja was soooo into it...she was the cutest thing. then there were Courtney and Melissa with their rockin air guitars! the whole night, Leah Ann either had a huge smile on her face or was laughing hysterically. good times. happy birthday, my friend!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


in a couple of weeks, a very dear friend, Sara will be participating in a fund raise/girls night out sorta thang for The Good Earth Day School. Her kiddos start attending next week, and she's already up to her elbows (literally) helping out. she'll be providing hand and foot massages as well as foot soaks and scrubs! she wanted to practice to make sure she could do it all and keep the line moving, so she oohhhhhh so sweetly invited her pregnant friends to be guinea pigs. yay! it ROCKS to be pregnant for so many reasons, but this is just gravy!

i joined other preggos....Heather, Andrea, Gale and two other mama's one very pregnant mama...due next week!....from the neighborhood, and Kristen from Manor. i'd met her at Sara's Memorial Day party, so it was super nice to see her again.

we ate, chatted, and were pampered. the water was just was Sara's touch, but that's not surprising. she's super duper gifted in all stuff good and fun...just don't ask about house cleaning...we are indeed sistas when it comes to that!

thanks for a LOVELY evening Sara, and making us all feel so special and delicate on our lily pads :)