Sunday, February 24, 2008

the netherlands

game night at Stephanie's was awesome!

the game:
Catch Phrase

the players:
Stephanie & Michael
Bonnie & Josh
Tanya (that's me)& Daryl

girls vs. boys

girls - 1
boys - 2 (how in HELL did THAT happen?!?!)

we started off strong, then something happened. there was a shift in the universe. well, i didn't know that The Netherlands was an actual country. i assumed that it was a region....Stephanie didn't know it either! then the girls couldn't guess 'carrot sticks'! they got the carrot part, but it went downhill fast when i was describing a stick.

there was much laughter and snorting (by Bonnie). everyone had a fabulous time. oh, here's one of the highlights (for me).

me: (me to Daryl) 'Daddy, could you get me a cookie?'
Bonnie: 'did you just call him DADDY?'
me: 'uh huh' (walking to the bathroom)
Bonnie: 'Floyd would love that!'
me: (while in the bathroom, wondering who the hell Floyd was, and why should a friend of Bonnie's care what I call my husband?!?!)
me: (back on the sofa...turn to Bonnie) 'Who's Floyd'
Bonnie: (trying to stifle a laugh/snort) Freud!!!

laughter breaks out...for a while :)
good times!

Pretty Stephanie Rockin' Bonnie
my hottie
Stephanie's Michael
Bonnie & her Josh...I never did get a good shot of him, but there were some amazingly horrible ones!


Stephanie said...

"but there were some amazingly horrible ones!"...I had a mouth full of water when I read this and it sprayed out of my mouth and down my shirt. Thanks!!!

Michael thought me guessing Randy Travis was quite amazing when you gave the hint "another word for horny".

Very fun night! Thanks for sharing it with us!

Andrea said...

Booooo!!! I wasn't there. Boooo!!

I, too, laughed out loud when I read "there were some amazingly horrible ones".

You're not taking my picture. LOL.

Andrea said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mia's Mama said...

ohhhh, how mysterious...someone deleted their post.

Yeah, we had a freakin blast! Andrea you HAVE to come next time!!!

Stephanie: that was a pretty great guess, but what the hell happened with the carrot sticks?!?!?!

Andrea said...

Oh, that deleted post was me. I had clicked twice and it double posted.

Mike and I will be there next time. He's a firecracker. Little, but sure is LOUD.

Sabine said...

Well written article.