Saturday, February 16, 2008


Christina Aguilera rockin' her pregnant body!
Pregnancy & Your Sex Drive
Good News: There's a good chance you'll find sex even more pleasurable than you did before pregnancy. Increased blood flow to your pelvis during this time can mean greater sensitivity and enjoyment. You may even experience multiple orgasms -- many women experience them for the first time during pregnancy. Hormonal changes can make your breasts more sensitive to his loving touch.

Bad News: For others, nausea and fatigue -- especially during the first trimester -- make sex less appealing. And during the third trimester, some women feel so uncomfortable with their bigger bellies and other pregnancy woes that they don't desire sex.

um, i got the GOOD news!


Andrea said...

Funny you posted this pic on C. Aguilera. When I saw her maternity photo and how perfect her belly was, I thought, wow, that's beautiful, but how much has been airbrushed? Why doesn't her belly button poke out awkwardly like a 3rd nipple?

Anyway, yesterday, I saw the pictures of her and her new baby in a magazine, and she is way too glammed up to be a postpartum mommy of a one month old. Didn't look real at all. Laying on her beautifully upholstered chaise, wearing a long silk dress, opened up enough to show off her legs, with perfectly done hair, perfectly applied makeup and fake eyelashes... all that hollywood jazz. I just wasn't 'touched' when I saw those pics.

Where's the photo of REAL motherhood? The shot of the nursing bra strap sticking out of the the tank top. The hair pulled up into a chongo while the new mommy gazes at her newborn. That's the shit I wanna see from a new mommy. That, to me, is beautiful.