Tuesday, July 15, 2008

i wanna have sex with you, but...

...i'm hoping for a boy.

so, we're gonna have to wait till tomorrow night, k?

my fab friend, Andrea, sent me a checklist for conceiving a boy. the highlights of the list are:

*have sex no earlier than 12 hours after ovulation. (girl sperm hang out and linger, boys are strong and fast)

*doggie, baby! (deposits the sperm super close to the cervix)

*the big O (having an orgasm after him will help his guys move on up)

one thing about having
pcos, is that i usually have VERY painful ovulation. i ovulated today (thanks for the ibuprofen, Sara) from the right ovary. yes, this is NOT a made up thang. i can actually feel (often very acutely) when i ovulate.

tonight, we're gonna have to mess around, but i ain't messin' around with this baby stuff. i'm going by the list...what could it hurt? if we do get a girl out of this, i sure in hell am not going to name her Andrea! :)


Bonnie said...

In order to have a boy you have to do it standing up in the kitchen while eating nachos and plates are spinning on your head. At least that's what we did : )

Seeking Sara said...

"standing up in the kitchen while eating nachos and plates are spinning on your head"
LMAO ROFL!!!!!!!!

Here's to havin a boy!!! Have fun tryin'!

C-man and Mama said...



Get totally wasted on frozen drinks in Mexico and have sex all over the hotel until you pass out!

Andrea said...


And of course if you get a nina, you HAVE to name her Andrea now.