Monday, August 18, 2008

beyond drumming, fun & color

last friday, i had a super bad ass time with Lynn...the previous owner of my new drum. we met up to carpool to Aralyn's place downtown...first off, i was late. VERY late. FYI Jollyville and Old Jollyville are NOT the same road. Lyn was cool as a cucumber about it, helped me load up my djembe and we were off to drum. on the drive she told me a little about Aralyn, our hostess. she lives one block south of the capitol on congress, she has a metal spider over her door and owns a pot belly pig (Ara, named after Aralyn's mother) she won in a silent auction! Cathy, another Djembabe, ran the class and Lynn helped out on duns. it was fun and exhilarating. wine was poured and clothes were almost taken off...Aralyn. i don't know what i enjoyed more, the drumming, Aralyn or her home. she and her place are quite colorful...i even took pictures of her bathroom!

Meet Ara

she's a super fab doorstop/watch pig (Lynn trying to get passed her)

Aralyn is a real estate agent and name a few

there are actual live fish swimming in this toilet

fish in a bag with herbs n lemon!...hanging from her shower head

doesn't everyone have a chandelier like this in their bathroom?

after drumming (the acoustics in this room were AWESOME!)
top are Lynn's duns, then some djembes...mine is at the lower right

Aralyn hosts a monthly drum happy hour from 5-7...if you're interested :)


Anonymous said...

WOW what an amazing house! I love when people have the art bug. I just love her decor, it's so unique!

~michelle pendergrass said...

Where does one get a fish tank toilet?

Chris Wood said...

That is amazing! Fish tank toilet! & what a house!!!! Hey, how was your drumming? I'd love to get my guitar in a house like that & hear all the acoustics.

But the fish tank toilet is the best. Whoever designed that deserves the Nobel Prize for Awesomeness (it's a new category they added this year).

Andrea said...

wowowowow! I've NEVER seen a house like that. Very cool.

oh, how I miss drumming...

i'll be back in the spring.

anja said...

WOW! What an amazing place very befitting for a place in wierd austin..LOEV the colors. i am so happy that you are getting a chance to hang and drum with all these fabulous women! I miss my djembe..GO PATA GO PATA!