Monday, August 25, 2008

Nuad Bo'Rarn

Sara did this to me and it was amazing!
i'm having a hard time finding words to explain the process or express how fabulous it felt...still feels. i was stretched, pulled and pushed in all sorts of interesting positions. sometimes it was like a game, trying to figure out if it was her hand, elbow or foot that was pressing against (insert major or minor muscle of choice here). it was beyond relaxing and not at all painful. the stretches were deep and warm...just right. the best part about getting the right leg done was that i had a left :) this is now my massage of choice, and lovely Sara is my therapist :) i feel like i'm not doing Sara or her work justice. i'm at a loss for words.

Update: it's the next day, and i'm seriously still feeling the super effects of the massage. my muscles and joints still feel soreness or aches....quiet the opposite. i'm sitting up straighter and my body just feels like a well oiled machine. i was just able to notice how weird my typing posture was and was able to relax. hmmmm there just may be something to this Thai massage stuff ;)
this just may be something i need in my arsenal against PMDD.
Sara, i LOVE you...and your feet, elbows, hands....and KNEES!!!


Seeking Sara said...

Glad you liked it! Thanks for being my first on the mat! Hope you love Thai massage as much as I do now! Love ya!

Seeking Sara said...

Hooray! See I told you that you wouldn't be sore, now you can see why I wanted to do every class offered in Thai, I am hooked! And you are too! ;)What my knees don't get a shout out?;)

Mia's Mama said...

that's riiiiight! your knees were in the action, too...and a LOT! will amend shout out ;p

Andrea said...

I cannot wait for my session!

This looks TOTALLY up my alley!