Monday, September 15, 2008

it beats

i'll start off with the super fab news...we saw, not heard, the baby's heartbeat today!!!! now, what led us there at a day shy of 7 weeks....spotting. damn that spotting. a little bit last wednesday, then more and darker on fri night....while at the end of the session drumming party. then cramps, cramps and more cramps. i spent all sat asleep or wishing i was.

we got in to see the doc at 9:40 this morning....HUGE thanks to Andrea for lovingly caring for our snapper on a non-Casa T day. Daryl and i got to focus, and Mia got to hang with her pals and make holistic huevos rancheros. yes, they were holistic, thank you very much.

so, the monitor is facing the doc, nurse and husband. i, in a not so fun position, can not see a damn thing...except when Daryl's eyes got a little big and then a little sad. oh, the doc took a while to mention that they were measuring not an empty sack, but a golf ball size ovarian cyst. no worries, they come with the PCOS territory. then on to the real (not empty) sack and the baby growing in it...lil heartbeat and all!!! the doc questioned us about dates....hmmmm being able to see a heartbeat this early is rare. that's our baby! trust me doc, we planned, and i also referred to my blog entry. it's official.

Daryl and i smiled across the crowded room and silently mouthed our 'i love yous'. we are pregnant and the baby has a heartbeat. we KNOW things can happen and stuff, but right now, our baby has a heartbeat and that's all that matters.

oh, the spotting may be due to low progesterone levels...the labs will be in tomorrow. i'm hoping i'm not low....then i won't have to do the whole progesterone suppository thang!

recap: pregnant. heartbeat!


Melissa said...

Yay, hooray! And here's wishing for just right progesterone levels.

Stephanie said...

I'm thrilled for you! xoxo Steph

anja said...

yay! i'm really rooting for the most lovely, loving couple I know..we want another beautiful Gleinser. you take care and REST. I love you.

Christina said...

YAY! A beating baby heart - the best sound in the WORLD! I'm so happy for you, and thrilled that it turned out to be a false alarm!

Anonymous said...

Wow, thank goodness. Phew! So happy to hear the relieving news mama!!! WOW