Monday, March 17, 2008


why do i let what some people say bug me so bad that i can't sleep? it's kind of a no big deal subject, but it feels big deal to me.

my husband says to 'let it go'. why? why don't i just let it go, and be done with it? why do i replay it in my head over and over and get more and more pissed?

why am i still sitting here thinking of all the things i should have said? why don't i learn how to breathe, and calmly say what needs to be said at the time it needs to be said and be done with it? why do i instead get flustered, look down or away and pretend it didn't bug me?

i'm more than sure that person is asleep dreaming of whatever pain in the ass people dream about.


Stephanie said...

You aren't the only who does this. I think we get caught in our emotions in that moment, that we can't put into words what we want to say in a tactful way without coming off as being bitchy. So instead we get flustered, look away or ignore the statement. Then we beat ourselves silly with what we should have, could have and would have said. Let it go!

Bonnie said...

We do this because we are INSANE and mean people suck.

Andrea said...

Oh no, que paso?

Well, now I want details.
Am I nosy?