Monday, June 30, 2008

gluten hangover

i was pretty much on the GF thang on the way to the coast on friday. saturday was pretty easy as well. i know not everyone is gf, so i don't expect that they'd provide those options for me. my in-laws were super fab about the whole thing. there was plenty for me to eat, and Mia only ate a smidge of the glutenny stuff. we all went out to dinner sat night, and i still did well. it was when we got back, and i'd been drinking a little...i ate a huge as banana nut muffin! then the next day i had 1/2 of a huge ass blueberry muffin! hmmm the rest is a gluten induced blur...i know i had a banana double decker moon pie (we were on a roadtrip) and some cheese rangoons. fuck.

this morning, i didn't feel well. at all. i ended up in the bathroom at a playdate, and all i have to say is that if i keep doing this, i'm gonna need to carry matches with me (sorry Ashley). i was sluggish and gained 3 pounds.

today, i'm back on the wagon. it hurts too much not to be. plus the feeling of being out of control really sucks.


Andrea said...

I was WONDERING who the piche pedorra was at playdate today.

Good that you're back on the wagon.

I'm slowly getting on.

Did you know there is GF spaghetti made from CORN? We had that for dinner tonight, pero it was very sticky...

Mia's Mama said...

could you see it in my face? my attitude? I wasn't smiley was I? Ugh !!! I HATE when I'm off!!!

we prefer rice directions are a little different...I had to use a pasta spork to stir it a little to keep it from sticking :)

Seeking Sara said...

Ugh, I am so sorry about the hangover. I know how that feels. I wonder if it feels similar to the "dumping" that gastric bipass patients feel when they eat fat and suger?

jw said...

you soo naughty