Sunday, May 4, 2008

spider spider spider

in the last two weeks, I've been bitten by TWO spiders! so, while laying in bed with Daryl (yes, i'm up...can't sleep with two pachangas on my mind!) i told him that since going through all that, i SHOULD have spidey sense....or web casting abilities. closed my eyes to see if i could sense anything out of the ordinary...niles farted! so then i flung my wrist the spidey manner, nope. no web. not even when i did it fast and hard. nothing came out.

oh, well. i rolled back to Daryl, and told him what i would do if i had webs. he said that it would help me get things done for both parties tomorrow. i said, that i wouldn't have parties, cuz i'd be on oprah! then on larry king...i'd snap his suspenders with my webs. then i'd tie mccain and john hagee together...belly to belly and see how they liked each other after that.

oh....what a super mom i'd be. able to snatch kids away from oncoming cars, everyone would have a swing at the park, i would definitely go to the crocheting MNO, and i'd be a HIT at kids' birthday parties.

maybe i just need one more spider bite. good things come in three's right?


Stephanie said...

You crack me up! LOL!